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Mandy Means

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago surrounded by a family of creative people. I cannot remember a time where I wasn't drawing, painting, or creating something. If there was a class or seminar offered in any kind of artistic medium, I was taking it. It was my ‘thing,’ part of who I was, my identity.  I studied art in college and graduated from Iowa State University with a BA in Art and Design. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado where I’ve been blessed to spend a majority of my adult life.


My art is inspired by absolutely anything and everything around me. I’m especially influenced by light and how it dances around a space. I’m also inspired by nature, architecture, design, other artists, photography, fashion, and even music. 


My love for traveling gives me constant inspiration. I was in awe of the gorgeous architecture in Paris and the beautiful colors of the coastal towns of Italy. I can never get enough of the way the ocean moves and is illuminated by the rising or setting of the sun. The beautiful mountains and rock formations all around me in my home state of Colorado never cease to inspire me. All of these things have influenced my work and it motivates me to keep on experiencing this beautiful world around us.


I most often paint abstract art because it allows so much interpretation from person to person. I’m constantly intrigued to hear what a painting makes someone feel or what they ‘see’ within the abstraction. 


I love the idea of bringing art into someone’s personal space, such as their home or a community space. I feel that art breathes life and personality into a room.

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